the guilty parties

mickey c

chief doofus

The Lex Luthor of webradio, he's the guy that should be spanked the hardest for our radio experiment.  He's retired, and has plenty of time on his hands to inflict his personality and his silly-assed old fart views upon our hapless listeners.  We don't let him into the Acid Lounge.

the old 'art

international broadc aster of intrigue

The Pappy with the khaki sweatband, the old 'art is The ZED's secret weapon - the Obi Won Kenobi of webradio.  Without his wisdom and guidance, our humble little operation would quickly be relegated to the broadcasting dumpster.  We also utilize his considerable expertise for managing the Acid Lounge.


the english cocker (don't call me joe!)

Our station mascot, he rolls the best joints of the entire staff.  Look at that picture.  Doesn't he look like he's fried out of his mind?  He's often found lying about the Acid Lounge in an altered state.

flotsam and jetsam (whatever that is)

The old 'art sez: "clean your damn mixer board!"

The old 'art's clean and tasteful studio

Tony sez: "do you REALLY need the studio chair Fatass?"

Mickey's audio mess

our streaming studio for all live assist segments

Finally completed in February of 2017, the streaming studio allows us to go live, enhancing our ability to inflict nausea upon the listening audience... at any time... at any place... and at any level of intoxication...

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